Why did we start Goobrand.io?

In short, it was to share the joy of growth that I experienced when marketing and product work in harmony. Growth energizes the team and breeds more growth. New talent, new clients, new opportunities become a virtuous cycle propelling your company higher.

The problem is, the old way to drive growth no longer works. No one wants to be "sold" anything anymore. Cold calling. E-mail outreach. Rolodex reps. Road warriors. All of these tactics are referred to as "Push" marketing and they are much less effective today than a decade ago. We believe in the power of "Pull" marketing which, besides being more effective, is also a lot more fun. What I mean by "Pull" marketing is really content marketing - creating content and providing value to your readers without asking much in return. In reality you do get a LOT in return, just a bit later.

There is something about a prospect reaching out to you and asking for a meeting, instead of you cold-calling them and begging to "give you just 15 minutes". Imagine, when they come in to meet your team they have your whitepaper printed out and say "Can you do THIS for US?" At that point, you are not selling them anything. You are working together to build a solution to their challenge. This is the dynamic that great content marketing can bring, and it is the reason we started Goodbrand. Now, we help other companies experience the joy of growth and scale.

Novus, my previous company, served as the crucible where this understanding was shaped. As the head of research responsible for producing content for marketing, I witnessed firsthand how valuable and relevant content can spur transformative growth. It was in this role that I understood the immense potential of marketing - not only as a tool for promoting a product or service but as a strategic asset that can elevate a brand's identity, enhance client conversion, and foster enduring relationships with customers (even driving down churn and helping retention!)

At Novus, our editorial team was focused on creating and marketing content that resonated with our audience because it spoke to their needs, pain points, work-flows, and experiences. Through this content, we (subtly) told our brand's story, fostered a community, and nurtured trust with our clients.  We made mistakes, pivoted, adapted, and tried again. We got better as we went. And in the end, the results were profound. Not only did our content enhance our brand awareness and increase conversions, but it also played a crucial role in client retention. This process was a rewarding journey of growth that brought tremendous satisfaction to everyone involved. The Novus editorial team grew from two people to over twenty. Everyone wanted to contribute to the growth, provide value to the industry, and connect with our audience.

Driven by the desire to share this joy with others, Goodbrand.io was born. But this time, the vision was larger. I wanted to do more than just foster the growth of a single company. I wanted to kindle the joy of growth in as many brands as possible, helping them experience the same positive energy and momentum that I had felt at Novus.

At Goodbrand.io, we understand that every brand is unique, with its own story to tell and its own journey to embark upon. That’s why we are committed to developing customized, strategic marketing plans that align with each brand’s individual goals and values. Our ultimate mission is to unleash the full potential of every brand we work with, unlocking the joy of growth for the brand's team.

Starting Goodbrand.io was not only about putting my experience and insights to good use but also about creating a company that's a catalyst for growth. We are not just an agency that helps businesses in marketing. We are an extension of your team. We are partners who cherish the shared joy of each milestone reached, of each goal achieved, and each success celebrated.

In the end, it all comes back to the joy that growth brings. That feeling of looking back and seeing how far you've come, of looking forward and seeing how much further you can go. The energy, the momentum, the vibrancy that a growing company exudes – these are the experiences that Goodbrand.io aims to create for every client we work with.

My wish is that Goodbrand.io becomes more than just a marketing agency. It should really be a testament to the power of growth, and a beacon for brands looking to embark on their own growth journey.

Our journey has only just begun, and we welcome you to join us. Let's bring your brand the gravitas it deserves and let it thrive in ways you've only dreamed of. This is why Goodbrand.io was born, and this is why we can't wait to work with you.

To the joy of growth, we say cheers, and to the future of your brand, we say – let's grow.