"We will do one piece now, and see if it works.  We'll figure out when to write the next one later"

Those are the famous last words of a failed content strategy.

Establishing a consistent cadence is not just beneficial to your demand gen efforts, it’s essential for building lasting brand presence and achieving any long term success for your content strategy. One piece will not do it, even if you're lucky and it goes viral. (This happens next to never for the first piece.) If you are considering writing one piece and testing if it "works" save yourself the time.

A content cadence refers to the rhythm and regularity with which a company publishes content across various channels like on your blog, resources page, social media and e-mail campaigns. A planned, thoughtful and systematic approach to content creation and distribution can change the game for your brand’s visibility, engagement, and authority. If you are not planning your content few month's ahead, keep reading, this is for you!

Top three reasons why setting a regular content schedule is crucial:

1. You will build trust

Publishing content on a regular basis, hopefully with the use of a content calendar, helps cultivate a sense of predictability and reliability with your audience. By consistently providing valuable content, you build trust, which is the cornerstone of customer loyalty. Your audience will be anticipating the next time you publish something, will be much more likely to share your content with their own network and will likely increase their odds of becoming or staying a customer.

A study by the Content Marketing Institute shows that consistent, high-quality, and engaging content impacts audience decision-making more than any other technique.

2. You'll help search engines pick up and rank your content (SEO win)

Search engines tend to favor websites that update their content regularly with fresh, relevant information. Establishing a steady flow of content can improve your site’s visibility and ranking on google and other popular search engines. According to HubSpot, companies that blog consistently receive 55% more website visitors and 67% more leads per month than those that don’t.

3. You'll keep your brand top of mind

Your audience is dealing with a lot of noise, especially if they are in the over-marketed B2B space that you and millions of others are targeting. It’s easy for brands to get lost in this information overflow. But regular quality content ensures your brand stays visible and top of mind because it consistently adds value to your audience, keeping you above the noise. This is crucial not only for attracting new customers but also engaging your existing customers and keeping them loyal to your product or services.

Take a look at your inbox: There are a few companies who's e-mails you look forward to, and never hit delete. That is the goal.

The cost is real but the investment is worth it.

Establishing a content marketing cadence is not merely a tactic, it's a strategic approach that can drive the success of your entire marketing efforts. It requires an investment and alignment of key stakeholders inside your org. You will need to ask the hard questions about what your customers are struggling with, what they need to hear and how that message aligns with your products. You will be testing to see what resonates and iterating, never stopping to reach for quality, autheticity, and value.

But if you put in the work and stick to your calendar the results will be incredible, for both your brand and your bottom line.